soo.... how about those leafs?


HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO MY NUMBER 1: wtf how are you already 21, it feels like yesterday when you were crying over not being a teenager anymore “i’m not crying i just have swag in my eyes.” hhahahaha aw. i was going through my janoskians folder and u have ruined my laptop bc it has 30GB of videos and pics and thats why my laptop is so slow hahahaha GOD  looking back over 2 years u guys have come so far and i’m honestly so proud of you and what you have accomplished. :)) i remember when i first watched your videos u made me laugh first bc it was professional skipping and i just knew it ever since then u been my fave and i’m so glad bc when i think about you are honestly so important to me, u make me so happy and u never fail to put a smile on my face. when i first joined this fandom there were like 60k of us, even tho it was a small fan base  you guys were so grateful and appreciated us so much and u still do to this day:))  i sound so cheesy ANYWAY You’re such an angel and one of the sweetest guys I know, so have an amazing day bc you’re an amazing person. hope all ur dreams and wishes come true. BYE love you so much  xxxx

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this twitter account saved my life