Jai, James, Luke, and Beau



Luke being a life ruiner wearing a suit

1/20 favourite jai brooks outfits

we’re the kids your parents warned you about


hey everyone! um wow thank you all for the support from my last drawing of beau! :) this encouraged me to draw this picture of jai! as you can see they are pretty much identical looking! please show that you care and reblog and maybe jai might see this art work! :) xx


AU Meme: → Road trip and camping with Jai

You had been planning to go camping with Jai for a while so when the day came you were really excited. He picked you up just when the day began. A smile stayed on your face the whole way there. Even the weather was perfect. When you finally reached your destination, the beach, you had a blast. That day will remain in your heart forever.